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Quotes Thanking God every minute for the blessings that he has bestowed on me and the people around me. I often wonder how others deals with stress. i wonder if I am the only one going through tremendous trial and error. i wonder if the people around me are noticing my pain. I wonder if they see a change in my. Well God... I honestly shouldn't care, but I do. Show me how to manage self so that I don't self-destruct. Touch my heart and my mind. Lord, use me to help others and not complain because of the mission. Help me to be diligent in my ways. Help others to see my worth. Help me to reveal to them just who you've prepared me to be. Amen Quotes
DeAndre Perryman
"When the pain is so heavy"

Quotes February 15th of 2014 was a wonderful day. Hood Ambitions Ent. and Workhouse Ent. shut Paduca, Kentucky down. DeAndre Perryman from American Idol Performed Live, along with an awesome band, and Haki the STL Griot spit some poetry... Most importantly, The Ladies were on FYRE... check it out for yourself... Quotes
DeAndre Perryman
Paradise in Paduca

Quotes I am grateful to have had the privilege to work with Grammy Award Winning Songwriter/Singer/Rapper/Producer/Humanitarian Rasheem "Kilo" Pugh aka Mr. Maygreen "The Pen Pimp". My very first completed album "Undeniable" was done in the basement of his house in New Jersey. It Literally took us two weeks to cut the album. We're talkin' 17 songs, 4 skits and an intro. How amazing is that? The album told a complete story of growing up in city, branching out to pursue my career, and finding love and how to manage it all, which is what I had to face in real life... Thank you Vanita "Applebum" Thompson, Anne Jones, Cara White, and Rasheem "Kilo" Pugh for believing in me... Quotes
DeAndre Perryman
Working Wisely

Quotes I am so happy that I finally have a solid visual on youtube now... "Lock Dat Down" by DeAndre Perryman Big ups to London Davis for believing in the song and big ups to Reel Noize for shootin it and making it worth something more... Quotes
DeAndre Perryman
Grateful Prospect

Quotes I have Officially become an International Artist, performing at Follies Theater aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship dubbed "Sovereign of the Seas". Thank you Stacie J. for the invite and thanks Rasheem "Kilo" Pugh for the hook-up. Let's make hits... Quotes
DeAndre Perryman
National Recording Artist

Quotes I am so thank for having smart, intellectual, such vibrant kids that bring home exceedingly good grades. From Armoni, to Lyric, to Jhavier, to Vance, to Zahara, to Natrell, and to all the kids in my life that are doing good things, I want to say I Love You and encourage others to do better as well, OK>>> Quotes
DeAndre Perryman
Proud Dad