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                      DeAndre Perryman




DeAndre Perryman, better known for his explosive voice and kinetic energy, is a Crooner/Songwriter/Actor from the midwest. He is , also, CEO of Sounz Gud Entertainment, which specializes in Publishing and Distribution. He got his Niche after being a finalist on American Idol and being torn between contracts and labels. "I dont ever want to go through that again, so I started my own company to help independent artists find their way," says Perryman. "The Journey is worth it!"

This single is called "WAIT". It's the first single off of DeAndre Perryman's Sophomore Album "Patience"... it's still Quarantine Time��










On February 21, 2019 I died on the inside, but let’s go back to how I got to this point. Let me introduce myself, I am Meredith “Alnitelong” Cromartie but Murdock is what they call me. I am the CEO and artist of Cromartie Entertainment. I'm from Queens, New York, but Raised Elizabeth, North Carolina. As I grew I was introduced to inspirations such as Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, Lee Williams, Johnny Taylor and so many more. I took to the Harmonica and we Soared baby.

 This single is called "Mirror Mirror." It's my second single and it's full of energy.